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David Schmidt, Founder + CEO

David is the inventor of LifeWave technology and founder and CEO of LifeWave.

David’s experience in business and product development spans over 30 years and includes a formal education in Management Information Systems and Biology at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY.

The LifeWave Technology was born out of three years of intense research by David into the concept of being able to naturally increase energy and stamina through elevation of fat burning, utilizing wireless communication to the human body via phototherapy. The LifeWave Technology is now available to the public. David has committed the past 15 years into making this opportunity a reality.

Globally, David is the holder of 94 issued patents, 13 pending, with many more being written. More than seventy of those issued patents are in the field of regenerative science and technology.

Since the inception of LifeWave in 2002, David has overseen global operations of the company and has accelerated expansion into approximately one-hundred countries, with offices presently in the United States, Ireland, Japan and Taiwan — with warehouse and distribution facilities throughout the world . LifeWave has been a multiple recipient of Inc. magazine’s list of fastest-growing companies.

David Schmidt

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David Schmidt

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David Schmidt


David Schmidt


David Schmidt

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