Theory of Aging

Principle #1 Aging is a disease, which means it’s not inevitable -or acceptable

Principle #2 Aging is a single malady with many manifestations from heart disease to cancer to diabetes to autoimmune disease disorders.

Principle #3 Aging is treatable and even reversable.

David Sinclair
The aging syndrome itself takes root early on, in our mid twenties and operates invisibility for a long time. Our hormone and stem cell levels drop off a cliff between age 30-40. Sinclair is convinced that aging results from lost or distorted information.

He believes that the source of our later- in- life- woes is a breakdown in cellular communication and regulation  – no more, no less.

What is the language of cells?
Light! They communicate by photons.

Meet Dr Michael Karlfeldt of the Karlfeldt center, Idaho.
Cells communicate with light

Interview with David Schmidt

Activate stem cells with light